My daughter’s name is Audra Reid, she is 13 yrs. old. For as far back as she could remember she had stiffness & pain after she would get up from sitting for long periods of time or from playing on the floor. When she was 10 yrs. old the doctors diagnosed her with Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis after many testing of Xrays, MRI’s & Bone Scans. They saw that she had 3 vertebrae in her spine that had already fused along with broken pieces of bone in additional vertebrae & holes throughout her entire spine. She also had 2 cysts near her tailbone. The doctors wanted her to do weekly injections & Chemo to treat her condition. My husband & I would have had to sign papers that would have agreed to the risk of her getting different kinds of Cancers and we did not want to subject Audra to this risk. We heard about Mike & Cindy’s Healing Ministry and decided to have them pray for a miracle for Audra. We went to Mike & Cindy’s house on Audra’s 12th. Birthday in 2011 and they prayed for a creative miracle for her. She felt the Presence of God and tingling in her spine. They asked Audra to do something she had not been able to do before so she bent over & reached toward the floor. She was able to reach further than she had been able to do in the past. She also prayed to receive the Holy Spirit & began to speak in other tongues. She was so excited on the way home that she asked me if she could put the window down in the car & scream. It was February & cold but we were so excited we didn’t care!

We decided to start going to the new Healing School that was about to start at the River Church. In one of the meetings Audra & I were listening to Cindy speak when Audra felt that she should stand & try to touch her toes. I knew something was happening in Audra because she immediately stood up & bent over & touched her toes for the first time ever! She was so excited she couldn’t control herself! Cindy saw that she was experiencing something supernatural & asked her to come up to the front of the room. She then told us all what God had just done for her & bent at the waist & showed us all that she could touch her toes! I was so happy that I began to cry! My little girl was healed! She is a precious young lady that now has prayed for others to receive God’s healing & we have seen it manifested! PRAISE GOD! AND GOD BLESS DEEPWATER MINISTRY AND THOSE WHO FAITHFULLY SERVE.

Susan Reid