July 2012

My doctor said I had a spot on my lung (They said that it was cancer.) It was discovered by a cat scan while I was in the hospital with Sepsis.

I was still feeling the after effects of the Sepsis when, after Carolyn Starner’s service, several gathered around me and prayed for God’s healing on my body.

The very next day, I got rid of the cane that I had just bought. Then the next week, Dr. DeWalt performed a bronchoscope on me and found nothing. Then a needle biopsy of the spot was benign. A pet scan was done and revealed no cancer cells anywhere on my body. Dr. DeWalt was adamant that the spot be removed because as he said, “Nobody and I mean nobody can say that the spot is not cancer and it needs to be removed”. I said , “Let’s do it!”

Dr. Cohen performed the lumpectomy and the pathology report said “NO CANCER”. I was supposed to be in the hospital 3 to 4 days. I was home in 2 days. I took no pain medication after 7:30 am the next day. The lump was not only not cancer, it was not even a tumor. The only explanation the doctors have is that some type of foreign body attached

Tim Shugert