November 2010

Kathryn is a Healing and Miracle School Graduate from Newark, OH

Yes… God still heals today!

At the very beginning of the “Cottage” School Cindy and a couple of the team members began praying over me after the class was over. Cindy received a word of knowledge from the Lord and laid her hand on the back of my neck and commanded the tumor to be gone (The tumor was as large as an open hand.) The other ladies from the team prayed over the rest of my body. It was an awesome experience! The very next morning I felt a stinging and burning feeling where the lump (large mass) had been on the back of my neck for years, and on the lower left side of my back which I had injured in 1974. I reached back to feel the back of my neck and the lump felt like it was gone and my back felt better! When I showed my husband my neck, he said that the lump was gone!!! Both knee’s that had been damaged in two separate automobile accidents and numerous falls were healed too, and now I can do squats (Glory to God!) My left hip used to give out on me but that has been healed, too. Thank you Jesus! I can walk farther and do things I’ve not been able to do in a long time. In 2008 I was officially diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and used a C-PAP machine nightly for the past two years, but not anymore, because I no longer snore or stop breathing, because I have been healed of that, too!!! This has been a mighty witness to my husband. Since then, he has joined me in the Healing & Miracle School.