Covenant PartnerSHIP

Sail with us…

The Lord is using Mike and Cindy Teagarden with DeepWater Ministries International (DWM) to do incredible things. Countless people have been healed and have seen a tremendous change in their lives as a result of the work of this ministry. But we cannot do it alone! We need the prayer support and financial contributions of covenant partners.

The Lord has spoken over Mike and Cindy that He is sending people to “shore up” the ship that is going out to the deep waters of the face of the earth. Those “shoring up the ship” will be the “support posts or beams” which strengthen the ship when the storms and rough waters come. These additional timbers prevent damage, keep the ship afloat, and keep it moving God-ward.

Could it be that YOU are being called to be a part of that SHIP, to join in the Covenant PartnerSHIP? Covenant partnership is relational and involves coming into agreement with us. So if you already have a relationship with us, would you prayerfully consider becoming a DWM partner? Or perhaps you’re not yet in relationship with us, but you would really like to connect to this ministry. What better way than becoming a covenant partner? Finally, if you have been changed through this ministry, how about passing on your blessing to someone else by financially supporting us to go on to the next person?

And we can’t forget the prayer support! Too often people think ministries only need their finances and not their prayers. The deception is that they already have enough prayer coverage. God says, “Not true! They need you!” We covet your prayers.

Miracles, Signs and Wonders follow the believers!

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Some pray, some go, and some sow!

Thank you for your love, prayers & support!