Toni’s back and neck was miraculously healed; she was in chronic back pain for years. She also had two cysts on her back – one upper and one lower! The doctors were injecting shots into her neck. She was crying over and over again, “I haven’t been able to do this since 2009!!!” Hands over her face exclaiming…Thank You, Jesus…Thank you, Jesus… thank you, Jesus!!! Now I want to be baptized!!!

Toni just recently came back to the Lord several weeks ago. She told Cindy (“The River” Lancaster, OH) that her head and back really hurt. Cindy offered to pray with her after the church service.

Cindy did what we call “The Neck Thing”, “The Arm Thing” and “The Pelvic Thing” (The Hunters taught us years ago to do). She also commanded all forms of Arthritis to go – addressed Scoliosis in the name of Jesus and released the fire of God. Toni crumpled to the floor under the power of God for a few minutes and then began laughing. We helped her up, she said she felt great! She started releasing her faith by moving her neck, touching her toes and twisting!!! She experienced absolutely no PAIN! Thank you, Jesus – We give God all of the glory, honor and praise!
(June 2013)