Severe Scoliosis Healed by the power of God

February 2010

Lancaster, OH

After the Sunday morning church service at “The River” Pastor Paula asked Cindy Teagarden and a couple of other ladies to help her pray with a couple of ladies. Paula said, “this is Shannon (26 yrs old from Barnesville, OH) she has been diagnosed with severe Scoliosis.” Cindy also noticed that Shannon also had a scar on her upper lip from a cleft pallet surgery. Paula and Cindy laid hands on Shannon and prayed specifically over her by releasing their faith praying in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Ghost. Paula shared her testimony how God healed her of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scoliosis as a child to give God glory and to build Shannon’s faith. Paula and Cindy both prayed over Shannon. Then Cindy prayed with Shannon by doing the “Hunter Techniques” what we call “The Arm and Neck Thing” God is the great physician, the heart specialist, and He is also the chiropractor, so Cindy did what the Chiropractor would do in the name of Jesus and by releasing the power of God. Shannon said that when Cindy stepped in front of her a bright ball of light went into her. She felt heat burning throughout her body. Cindy noticed that her face and neck was red, and she began to perspire and even looking a little fearful. Cindy prayed for peace to come over her. Cindy kept trying to ask Shannon if she was okay. Asking if God was moving her back? Shannon couldn’t even speak. She finally just shook her head “yes.” Paula and I laid hands on the big hump on Shannon’s back and commanded it to be gone, all the bones to move back into place, all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons to return to their original length and strength, and every nerve to be unpinched. We asked Shannon to say “Thank you Jesus!” and asked her to release her faith by bending over a little. We didn’t see the miracle happen, but we all still believed that God was doing it even as we spoke. Cindy shared a testimony with Shannon regarding a miracle that happened to a lady in Newark the week before. This lady had a big tumor on the back of her neck that we prayed for and commanded to leave. The next day, at home, this lady felt a bee sting heat go into the tumor area on the back of her neck (The size of an open hand.) She reached back and the tumor was gone. Then the bee sting heat went into her hip area and it was healed, too! Basically, it happened the next day when no one was around except this ladies husband. Shannon and her aunt left to go home. They called a lady (friend) from “The River” church and explained that the next day or two the hump was leaving, then it was completely gone. Shannon’s back was straight. God was healing the surgery of the cleft pallet. Previously, Shannon had no feeling in the roof of her mouth or nose (hot or cold sensations) that was all healed by the power of God. Shannon told her mother that God was continuing to heal her and that her mouth was moving by the power of God, and she believed He was even filling in the scar on her lip. Her mouth/jaw has moved so much that Shannon is getting a new tooth in at the age of 26! Shannon told us that she’d been prayed for many people over the last 15 years of her life, but now she is completely whole!!! God told us that we would see more miracle, signs and wonders this year! He is faithful!

We prayed that the town of Barnesville would break out in revival due to Shannon’s miracle, sign and wonder from God. April 2011, Pastor Paula received a phone call from Shannon’s pastor regarding Shannon’s miracle and wanted every detail. He said, “hold nothing back!” Shannon’s pastor had scheduled Shannon to speak at two morning church services. He said that there was a buzz in Barnesville over Shannon’s miracle, and that the town folk there were bringing out their old photo’s of Shannon with the hump on her back and the crooked body. Oh…how they were amazed!

We give God all of the glory, praise and honor!!!

Thank You, Jesus!!!