Breath of God

We were at “The River” our church, praying on a Wednesday morning when Cindy received an urgent phone call from one of the ladies from our healing team regarding her father. The doctors had moved him from a regular room into ICU; the staff had called Mindy that morning and told her that her father was not doing well and that she should get there right away. She called us asking for prayer. Almost immediately Cindy felt like the Holy Spirit was instructing us to stand up together in unity and on the count of three to breathe and release the breath of God (life) upon Mindy’s father in the spirit realm. Now Mindy was in her car, driving as fast as she could, to get to the hospital to check on her father when she felt like the Holy Spirit was instructing her to breathe the breath of God (life) upon her father in the spirit realm, being obedient she breathed the breath of God and blew on her father in the spirit realm.  Mindy’s brother, having never experienced a  manifestation from God before was standing in their fathers room (ICU) when he witnessed (saw in the spirit) Jesus appear in the room, walk over to their fathers bed, lean over toward his face and blew the breath of life right in their fathers face!!!