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         River Healing the Whole Man School

         (spirit, soul & body)

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 Mike Teagarden 740.517.1640 (or) Cindy Teagarden 740.590.4977

Under the oversight of Paul and Paula Bishop “The River” Lancaster, OH
Trained and ordained by Charles, Frances & Joan Hunter
(Worldwide Healing Evangelist)
e’ve trained & equipped hundreds of students.

             Miracles, signs and wonders follow the believers!


$25.00 Individuals (includes 2 Hunter books/folder)
$30.00 Couples that desire to share books (Extra Teaching Folder)


10 week course; one day each week
5 weeks “Beginning” and 5 weeks
“Advanced” From the Shallow Waters to the Deep Waters in just 10 weeks!     


Each class includes: teaching, preaching, pray teaching, hands-on training, demonstrations, testimonies and high praise giving God all of the glory!!!

Beginner’s classes:

1.) Market Street Vision

       How you see the church and yourself

       DWM Mandate

2.) How to believe on purpose                           

        Freedom From fear                             

        How to pray for cancer


3.) Development of Faith

       Confession of Faith        

       Teaching on the Spine


4.) Power of the Holy Spirit

       Ministry of the baptism of the Holy Spirit

       How to release the power of God                         


5.) Words are legal

       Acting on your faith


Advanced classes:
1.) Emotional Healing

       Root causes

2.)  Financial Healing 

       Biblical Principals of Sowing & Reaping


3.)  Nine gifts of the Holy Spirit


4.)  Nutrition



5.) Miracles 

    How to release creative miracles

Impartation & Activation (Each School)

Graduation & Certificate of Completion Service
(10 Weeks -  USA)


FireStorm Street Evangelism Training
and Outreach (Optional)
Friday evening, Saturday 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM
 Sunday morning

Available for:    

 Healing/Miracle Conferences
 Healing/Miracle Services      
                       Speaking Engagements
 Women's Ministry of Tea

 Women’s Meetings/Men’s Meetings