DWM Ministries Int'l 

River Healing the Whole Man School

 Beginners Class  Session 1 - VISION & MANDATE

Market Street Vision    DWM Vision & Mandate

The Servants Heart    The Neck Thing Technique

Beginners Class Session 2 - BELIEVING  

How to believe   Freedom from Fear

Pray Teach for Cancer    The Arm Thing Technique

Beginners Class Session 3 - FAITH   SPINAL COLUMN

Development of our Faith     Confession of Faith

Spine Pray Teaching     The Leg Thing Technique

Beginners Class Session 4  - THE POWER

Power of the Holy Spirit Ministry      The Baptism fo the Holy Spirit

How to Release the Power of God       The Pelvic Thing Technique

Beginners Class Session 5 - WORDS ARE LEGAL

Action Counts  Action of your Faith

Advanced Class  Session 1 - EMOTIONAL HEALING

Healing from the inside out       Wholeness: Spirit, Soul & Body


Advanced Class Session 2 - FINANCIAL HEALING

Healer of our body, mind, marriage, family & fianances


Advanced Class Session 3 - 9 GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT

How to operate/flow in the 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

How to become sensitive to His Holy Spirit


Advanced Class Session 4 - BE HEALTHY

Allergies    Nutrition    Immune System    Bi-polar

Advanced Class Session 5 - MIRACULOUS

Pray Teach Creative Miracles   Expecting to walk in the Miraculous


Upcoming Events 2017

May Healing School




Heritage of Faith

Family Church

Pastor David & Wendy Stowe

52406 NC - 12 

Frisco, NC

June 7th, 2017

Healing Service 




Wales Mission Trip

July 28 - August  8th 2017

 Olive Leaf "Bough"  Int'l Room of Healing & Prayer

Worship, Prayer, Dance, Miracle Services 

Pastor Mary Dullforce

Monmouth, Wales


Berlin Christian Fellowship

Gary & Marie Winters

Mike & Cindy Teagarden

5382 County Rd 201 

Millersburg, OH

Healing Service & Healing Testimonies 

August 19th, 2017

Beginning 10 am 




Worldwide Day of Healing 

September 23th  2017

The River (New Building) 

Pastor Paul Bishop

2190 Coonpath Rd. NW

Lancaster, OH 

11 am - 2 pm 

This is not a service - we have ministry teams available to  pray over

every single person (family)  for every single need!


Your Church or Ministry Team can register online to open up a WWDH

Go to






For information on our Healing Classes, click here.